We’re in a new world.

With COVID-19, we must all adapt to a new reality. After you have followed official health advice and looked after yourself and loved ones, your work will need adapting too.

To help at our very modest level, we’re offering free resources to help you organise your remote work if this is new to you.

Recorded webinar


This short video gives you powerful tips and tools to plan and run your remote work or work from home. Jump to:

  • [1:24] The 3 big steps you must remember to organise your online work
  • [3:08] What are the 5 kinds of work (or goals) best suited for online work?
  • [5:47] The tools we use and recommend to organise your online work
  • [10:28] How can you best invite others to collaborate?
  • [13:09] How to get your timing right and maximise the chances that others will join?

Free resources

No time for a video? Download our PDF summary Tips and tools to go remote to remember key points from our webinar.

Copy and paste from our simple and effective email templates to communicate clearly when you organise your online work..

Free drop-in sessions

Every week during the COVID-19 crisis, we’re offering drop-in sessions to give you free, personalised advice to run your online meetings or work remotely.

Just select an available day below and join us!

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Need bespoke help?IAF-Certified Professional Facilitator

Virtual meetings require careful preparation and detailed execution.

We’re here for that! Designing, running and evaluating impactful meetings has been our acclaimed mission since way before COVID-19 – both online and offline.

So ask us about facilitating your next meeting, online or in person!