Kumquat Consult Meeting Lab

Your meeting, your impact

Our mission: design and run meetings, in person or online, for the impact you want – whether it is influence, alignment or engagement.

  • We design and run praised meetings and events from 3 to 150+ attendees: highly participatory board meetings, residential seminars, workshop series, conferences, networking events, and many other event formats.
  • We help you design, run and follow-up your own meetings and events so they generate usable outcomes and deliver a meaningful experience for everyone involved.
  • We train you in the art and science of facilitation: creating group interactions that generate strong outcomes, and leave teams and communities stronger.

We use outcome-based meeting design: we think “outcomes” first so you get clear results, save time, and genuinely engage your participants.

Our clients

European Programme for Integration and Migration
Elevate Children Funders Group
Social Change Initiative
European Youth Forum
Open Society Foundations
European Parliament
European Commission
European Network Against Racism

Let us help

Our clients come back to us time and again. Do you need help with facilitation, meeting design or training, in person or online? Get in touch now so your next meetings produce the impact you want.