You will want to work with us again

Kumquat Consult offers a ranges of services, but what will our first meeting be like?

Well, imagine sitting down in your office, pen at the ready to ink through our notepads with new ideas.


Unlike larger agencies, we’ll keep ready-made strategies where they belong: on the shelf. All our services are tailor-made, and start from one place—you.

We’re committed to giving you custom-made ideas and solutions, so we’ll always start with your vision, your values, your goals. Spending time to get the big picture right means we’ll do an amazing job on the project.


We bring practical intelligence to the table: the art of recognising problems before they arise. It’s questioning assumptions, taking sensible risks and adjusting as we go. We’re not only ‘book smart’, we’re ‘street smart’.


Under the waterline, we’ll paddle and struggle with the draft, the dirty, the trial-and-error part of the job. So that by the time we deliver, all you see on the surface is a graceful swan.

These are our work values. They’re not measurable, but results are.